BREAKING NEWS! Funds are Safu? Binance Syscoin API HACK? 1 SYS = 96 BTC??

The Syscoin API got hacked, and 11 Syscoin units got sold for 96 BTC on Binance! Binance has suspended withdrawals. Source: ———————————————————————————– Visit our website: ———————————————————————————– CHECK OUT OUR PODCAST: New episode every Monday and Friday! ———————————————————————————– Check out Altcoin Buzz Ladies!… ———————————————————————————- Connect with us on Social Media: Twitter:…

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Bitcoin Dips to $9800 | Ethereum 2.0 All You Need To Know

Ethereum 2.0: All You Need to Know. Why Bitcoin Bulls Must Wait For Dip To $9,850 To Enter Again. Bitcoin Buying Pressure Revealed as Corporate Defaults Rise to Recession Levels. Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow On Track. Bitcoin – Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel-Prize winning economist, says cryptocurrencies should be shut down. As Ethereum is transitioning from its current…

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Bitcoin Miners MUST KNOW This! – Today’s Crypto News

Visit our website: In this video, Mattie talks about the most recent events in the crypto space. He talks about a football team whose players get paid in crypto as well as current crypto mining issues. This is a daily segment. ———————————————————————————– CHECK OUT OUR PODCAST: New episode every Monday and Friday! ———————————————————————————–…

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ELASTOS ELA Explained – A New Internet Ecosystem

In this video, Kunal discusses the Elastos project, a unique project that is trying to create a decentralized operating system to re-define the internet. Sources: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) DISCLAIMER The information discussed on the Altcoin Buzz YouTube, Altcoin Buzz Ladies YouTube, Altcoin Buzz Podcast or other social media…

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Bitcoin Breaks $4000, NEO DevCon Updates – Crypto News

Top stories - #BTC breaks the $4000 price in 40 days, #NEO Devcon updates and #NASH Dex to launch soon! References: Bitcoin Price Sees 40-Day High After Hitting $4,000 Bitcoin Surged Past $3,900 But it May Be Too Early For the Crucial $4,000 Level $6 Billion in Fiat is Sitting in Crypto: $10,000…

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David Freuden is Back to Talk About TradeFinex – Crypto Podcast EP. 35

Please visit our website for more: Welcome to the Altcoin Buzz Crypto Podcast with James, Jeremy, and Lesia. New Episode every Monday! This is episode number 35. David Freuden is guesting us today. We are talking about David's most recent article about TradeFinex. Read his paper: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHECK OUT OUR PODCAST: New…