If you wonder how to get girls to like you, here’s a well known fact: girls love smart and funny guys with a good sense of humor. If at the same time you have an alpha male mindset – you become truly irresistible. This is why we recommend you to combine this subliminal session with the previous sessions from our channel that were dedicated to developing an alpha male mindset.

So, do you want to amaze women with your sense of humor? This subliminal session contains subliminal messages which will help you to “sharpen your wit”: super boost your sense of humor, react faster, reply funny and never get discouraged. Using of subliminal messages is a proven psychological technique to develop these qualities.

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Use it on a daily basis. You will see results in 30 days. It contains both visual and audio subliminal messages, as well as the supraliminal ones (the difference between the subliminal and supraliminal messages is that you cannot see/hear the subliminals, but you can hear supraliminal ones).

Here’s just a few of the affirmations that are hiddenly embedded into this video (used from both 1st and 2nd person, i.e. “I” and “You”):

I have a very sharp wit,
Girls love me,
My response time to any insult is instantaneous,
I get women to like me,
My verbal response time is instantaneous,
I attract women,
I think quickly,
Gorgeous women adore me,
I reply immediately,
Hot girls are seeking communication with me,
I reply funny,
I am a real pick up artist,
I react immediately,
I seduce beautiful women with ease,
My witty comebacks are legendary among girls,
I am popular,
I always respond in kind,
I am confident,
My responses are legendary,
I am an alpha male,
I get girls to like me,
I am incredibly witty,

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Subliminal messages are known as a working psychological technique. They’re so easy to use, that you minght even think of them as of a psychological trick. But that’s not a trick – they reprogram your subconscious mind and drive you to success, be it attracting women, money or anything else.

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