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People like to laugh. Women like to laugh. Those who make them laugh are valued. It’s simple, yes?

But how does this humor work and how it make you more attractive?

You need to use humor that is conducive to a romantic, sexual relationship and you need to be able to execute it well.

In this video, I give a brief sketch of how to use absurd humor and make girls laugh…and maybe get them wet, as well.

Video Description:

00:20 – Girls like to laugh, even the hot ones

00:50 – Laughter lowers our guards and melts other emotions

01:15 – Be like Russell Brand, not Conan O’Brien

01:40 – Follow all the social medias and see our website for more information on becoming sexy!

2:00 – The 3 keys to pulling off absurd humor

2:20 – How I see this world as absurd

3:00 – Why is absurdity funny?

3:30 – Why sexual absurdity is funny and works well with women

4:28 – How to tell a sexually absurd joke

6:00 – How to tell an absurdly mocking joke

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