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I decided to review footage of Craig Ferguson after I received a lot of requests to review him.

In the video, Craig uses the word ‘Kundalini.’ He could’ve used anything and it would’ve come across as sexual because he says it a certain way.

If you say something in a low tone, it will come out as sexual. Speak in a manly, confident tone in a relaxed manner. You can speak like this to anyone and they’re going to have sex on their mind.

The key is not to do it all the time. Have a normal conversation, but 5% of the time, do this. Don’t have this as your whole personality. Just sprinkle it. Make it a feature of your personality that comes out once in a while.

Craig doesn’t always communicate with his words. In the video, you’ll notice how the comedy comes from using silence and not saying anything. The comedy is not in the words themselves. The comedy is in what’s not being said – looking at the crowd. This compels people to keep talking. She’s going to want to keep talking, and you’re not talking.

You’re the one controlling the conversation. She’s the one reacting to you. By simply doing less and controlling the tone of your voice, you’ll be able to come across more attractive.

Another important thing to have is you have to smile. You’ve got to have that playful vibe in the interaction. Keep it lighthearted. You’re not looking for an outcome. You’re just playing around. Ask yourself: how can I make this fun? If you don’t focus on making it playful then it’s going to be too serious and the woman isn’t going to be relaxed enough to play along with you.

I’m a big believer of compound techniques. Those are techniques that fix a lot of issues, rather than focusing on one specific thing. I love compounding my techniques and finding out what works for most things.

This is how Craig Ferguson has his sexual aura. This is how he’s able to get people to react to him in a positive way. Above all, this is how he’s able to do the things he does without getting arrested.

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