“And by you I mean your voice, and by me I mean my ear. I’m going to stop talking. Right now.”

WATCH WITH HEADPHONES to have less of an echo if you’re pissed about it. I can’t change the audio so I’d really appreciate it if you would refrain from commenting on the echo. Don’t waste your time commenting on something I can not change.

Watch in HD for best viewing. Gotta love babbling baby Felicity and Oliver’s adorable smile in return. Decided to make a humor video, because they’re just too cute! Enjoy!

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Voice overs (those without supported text)
Felicity: “I’m going to stop talking. Right now.”
Oliver: “That would be my preference.”

Oliver: “Felicity Smoak? Hi, I’m Oliver Queen.”
Felicity: “Of course, I know who you are, you’re mr. Queen.”
Oliver: “No, mr. Queen was my father.”

Oliver: “I’m very particular about what it is I put in my body.”

Felicity: “The last time the vigilante paid your mom a visit you got shot..”

Felicity: “I quit.”
Oliver: “No, you don’t.”
Felicity: “Yes, I do. Not my old job in the i.t department but my new job as your executive assistant, which you think I’m going to accept. Your thinking could not be more wrong in this matter.”

Oliver: “I spilled a latte on it.”
Felicity: “These look like bullet holes.”

Felicity: “If it’s an energy drink, why is it in a syringe?”

Isabel: “Is that blood on your face?”
Felicity: “Don’t worry, it’s not his blood, I mean- of course it’s his blood, why would he have someone else’s blood on his face.”

Felicity: “And I’ve already seen you shirtless.”

Oliver: “This was your plan.”
Felicity: “I didn’t think you’d actually say yes.”

Felicity: “Oh. May I get you a cup of coffee.”
Oliver: “You’re not actually offering to get me a cup of coffee, are you?”

Oliver: “Felicity, hold on to me tight.”

Felicity: “Oh, oh I’m so glad we came back.”
Felicity: “I kept that.”
Caitlin: “Hey, what’s that for?”
Oliver: “You alright?”
Felicity: “Hmm?”
Oliver: “You’re doing that um, crinkly thing with your eyebrows.”
Felicity: “Oh, just um, heh, no just something at work, it’s no big deal.”

Oliver: “If I’m going to be Oliver Queen CEO, then I can’t very well travel down 18 floors every time you and I need to discuss how we spend our nights.”

Felicity: “Anyone with boobs can get a frat boy to do anything.”
Oliver: “I was a frat boy.”

Oliver: “Would you get my guest and I some coffee?”
Felicity: “You know, I would, Mr. Queen, but it seems that someone has broken the coffeemaker.”

Felicity: “Felicity, the magnetic arrow gag will never work. Ha. Yes, it will my love, because I am really smart. And guess what, Oliver, it did work.”
Oliver: “Felicity, honey, it’s a little hard to fight with you doing that in my ear.”
Felicity: “Oh, I totally forgot that this was an open line.”

Felicity: “The guy owes me a favor, long story, I fixed his parking ticket.”

Oliver: “Felicity, this is the i.t. department. It’s not the ladies room.”

Felicity: “You’re leaving me with her?”
Oliver: “Diggle and I need to get a drink.”

Felicity: “There’s a lunatic, high on vertigo who’s taking hostages and…”

Felicity: “This morning we flew in a plane so old I’m pretty sure I was safer once I jumped out of it…”

Roy: “Does this group have a name, like ‘Team Arrow’ or something?”
Oliver: “We don’t call ourselves that.”

Felicity: “Slow down, slow down. Careful, careful, careful.”

Oliver: “Don’t worry Felicity, they don’t send blondes there.”

Oliver: “Felicity?”
Felicity: “Hmm.”
Oliver: “Wanna play a game?”
Felicity: “What game are we playing?”

Felicity: “But then when you and Laura Hoffman started exchanging cooking tips…”

Oliver: “You’re gonna hawk me about this until I say yes, aren’t you?”

Felicity: “Good, you’re here. Of course you’re here, where else would you be.”

Oliver: “You hacked into a prison system network?”

Felicity: “How come you didn’t tell me Zoom broke your back? Oh, I’m so glad you’re okay.”
Barry: “So this is what it’s like dating her?”


Fandom: Arrow
Pairing: Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak | Olicity
#arrow #olicity #humor