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It’s not uncommon for women to use men as proxy weapons against each other as a way of finding out if a man is confident or insecure. Your job, as always, is to project strength and confidence, even in the most challenging circumstances.

It’s tempting to explode with rage, to call a woman out, to become passive aggressive, and use every trick in the book to punish her for making you feel jealous. All of these reactions do nothing but reveal insecurity and emotional weakness.

The only time you should worry about a woman leaving you for another man is when you allow feelings of jealousy to consume you. If you respond to feelings of jealousy with threats, tears, or moody behavior, don’t be surprised if the woman decides she doesn’t want to stick around to see the show.

It’s better, instead, to handle jealousy with an attitude of indifference. Try to find humor in the situation. Humor tells women you’re unafraid and unaffected by feelings of jealousy. And where the unattractive man lets feelings of jealousy consume him and destroy the relationship, the attractive man acts in a way that is counter-intuitive and surprising.

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