1080p+ earphones if possible!
Man, these humor videos become longer and longer everytime i make them haha.
So ofc i couldn’t let my 6k celebration pass without a humor video, i always make them to celebrate. That’s why ypiv took so long to upload, i wanted to upload them one after another.
I hope you enjoyed, i hope it made you laugh or at least smile a bit.
Comments&likes are always appreciated ♥
Want to see more of my humor videos? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtToTNbZzUGGGeq27YrtrILRuOBo6d8Fv
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✿  SUB MY BACKUP https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHhULZcv0R3QM40ank1VFnQ
✿ my ask- http://ask.fm/MoMonatorr
✿ song: Acceptable in the 80’s
✿ fandom: lots, ask if you want to know about a certain scene- preferably over ask.fm, if you comment here please make sure somebody didn’t already ask for that scene, cause i’ll delete your comment (don’t want spam)
✿ coloring: forgot to write it down and started it a while ago… let me know if you recognise it
✿ you can find the rest of the links on my channel
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