Proof: The Jews that wandered the desert were no different than your average Florida retiree. With all the Jewbellishing, can you blame Moses for hitting the rock?

Watch one of the first Biblically documented cases of Jewbellish. Torah humor is not for everyone. Jewbellish responsibly.


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“Wandering Jews”

Frank Gerrish — Komplainsky
Buddy Daniels Friedman — Pessimovich
Mendy Pellin — Moses

Directed by
Jeffrey Lampert

Created by
Mendy Pellin

Produced by
Arnon Z. Shorr

Written by
Zvi Hershcovich, Mendy Pellin and Arnon Z. Shorr

Casting by Miles/West Casting
Farrah West
Karri Miles

Cinematographer: Clair Chang
2nd Camera Operator: Arash Khezri

Sound: Jason Aaron Moran

Art Director: Karri Miles

Makeup: Abe Steinberg

Production Assistants: David Kupfer, Victoria Gold

Editor: Brody Gusar

Graphic Designer: Kate Lampert

Jewbellish Theme Music
“Let My People Go” arrangement
by Bonnie Janofsky

Title Animation by Alpha Studios Animators:
Kaitlyn Yang
Carlo Vega

Payroll Services Provided By: ABS Payroll & Production Accounting Services
Payroll Coordinator: Robert Goudie

Produced under the AFTRA/SAG New Media Agreement