AKP BUZZ ‘Telegram Nth Room’ main suspect Jo Joo Bin revealed to have been investigated…
‘Telegram Nth Room’ main suspect  Jo Joo Bin (also known as Baksa)’s identity was revealed to the nation yesterday, and it has been revealed that the police are also investigating him for conspiring to murder a child at a daycare with another suspect. Jo Joo Bin had been asked to commit a murder by public service worker Kang. Kang had previously been sentenced to 1 year in prison and 2 months in prison after being sentenced for making repeated threats against a woman in her 30s. He was released from prison last March and apparently asked Jo to help him get revenge by murdering the woman’s daughter. Jo then found the address of the daycare the woman’s daughter was attending in order to kill the daughter. Kang apparently left 4 million KRW (~3200 USD) at Jo’s doorstep for helping him. Although the two never went through with the murder, the police had been investigating them for intent to murder. Meanwhile, Jo Joo Bin was arrested on March 19 for operating the controversial chatroom involving the sex trafficking of underage girls, in addition to a myriad of violent crimes committed against over 70 women. It has been reported that the videos containing these crimes have been sold to over 260,000 men.


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