It has sure been an eventful evening with the news of the Steem Community forking the chain to basically say “bye felicia” to Tron and create a decentralized eco-system that better lines up with the communities values.

In this video, I break everything down and explain what just happened and what people can expect. I discuss the following topics:

– How will Hive be different than Steem?

– The Hive airdrop and who will receive tokens.

– What will happen to the price of steem?

– Will the Steem blockchain an Steemit still continue to operate?

– How is Hive going to be more decentralized than the current Steem blockchain?

– A full breakdown of what happened from a technical perspective and why various dApps and UI’s built on steem will need to decide which chain they want to operate in the next few days.

*This video was filmed as breaking news right after the announcement was released. It is very possible that depending upon when you watch this video… new information will be available.*

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