The Lover Archetype of Mature Masculinity [Video Essay]

Men are often known for, defined by and identify with their more aggressive traits. But the truth is men have a great capacity to be sensitive, caring, and benevolent people.

Men are connoisseurs of art and food. Men appreciate the ascetic appearance of nature. Men enjoy listening to and creating music, they find humor in the absurdity of life, and delight in the company of others. These are the aspect of the most hidden secret part of masculinity, the archetype of the lover.

This is my 5th finale video essay based on the book King Warrior Magician Lover Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette. In their book they describe the 4 mature masculine archetypes based works of Psychoanalyst Carl Jung. Jung believed that human mind is not a blank slate and birth but that there is a basic code that exists within our unconscious that serves us through life. This code is expressed both in our dreams and as reflections in our popular art.

Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette – King, Warrior, Magician, Lover:


Ross Bugden -Epic and Emotional Music: Creation and Parrallel
The Forbidden Forrest

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Music used: The Forbidden Forest by Alexander Hoff

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