Maggy Whitehouse is an independent sacramental minister, a teacher of Kabbalah in the Toledano Tradition, the author of eighteen books on spirituality, Kabbalah, prosperity consciousness, and Bible metaphysics—both factual and fiction—and a professional stand-up comedian. She blends mysticism, humor, and inspiration in all her talks and workshops.

Maggy has worked in newspapers, radio, including BBC World Service, and as a television documentaries presenter and producer. She runs a twice-monthly online Kabbalah group.

Maggy is an expert on using Judaeo-Christian mysticism to heal the wounds within religion and on the lives of women in Biblical times including Mary Magdalene and the Old Testament Matriarchs and Heroines.

Maggy has taught workshops across the UK, USA and Europe since 1993. Her comedy career began in 2014 at the age of 56 and she was a finalist in the 2016 Bath Comedy Awards and the 2015 Funny Women Awards.

Both Maggy’s mother and her Bishop think she should get a proper job.

You can find Maggy at and on her podcast, Wise Women: The Vicar and the Witch on PodBean.

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