#411: The Amy Ahlers Show is especially for powerful women that are ready to STOP being so darn hard on themselves and end the cycle of burnout, so they can RISE into a leader we can believe in. Show notes for today’s episode can be found at
This is the final episode of the Aging with Grace Series and I’m so excited to have Jennifer Arthurton on the show. Jennifer is the founder of Old Chicks Know Sh*t, a website, and podcast, that explores the topic of aging with humor and grace. Jennifer had her own midlife reinvention at the age of 50 when she found herself divorced, an empty-nester, unemployed, and bedridden with a serious illness. She knows how daunting it can feel when all the messaging in our culture is telling us that we have somehow become a diminished version of our former selves just because we’ve reached a certain age.  The truth is we are in fact just coming into the most powerful point in our lives. 
In this episode, we explore: 
The lost years of womanhood and how to find yourself during them
How to stand in your power in midlife and beyond
The way to stop downplaying your accomplishments and embrace your wisdom instead
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