In this dating podcast episode for men, Gary Gunn outlines how to flirt with women via their emotional response system. Listen as Gary asserts how using humour, not taking yourself too seriously, being playful and relaxed all work to your benefit, because the more playful you are, the more signals that you’re giving women that you are emotionally well and fun to be around. Here are three of Gary’s favourite and most effective techniques that he teaches on his training courses:

1. How to flirt with women via their emotional response system by imagining that you have ten gold coins – Find out how imagining that you have ten gold coins will help you retain mystery in your conversation with a woman and become a leader in an interaction, simply by not answering women’s questions directly. This is a really fun and flirty way to engage a woman in conversation and become more interested in you.

2. How to flirt with women via their emotional response system by using alpha male eye contact – This technique focuses on adopting the right body language of success and confidence before progressing to prolonged eye contact. Listen as Gary gives tips on how to master this eye contact and recognise its effectiveness in the woman that you’re flirting with.

3. How to flirt with women via their emotional response system by deliberately misinterpreting what they’re saying – Misinterpreting what a girl is saying in a way that shows off that she’s hitting on you is a super successful way to be flirty as it shows confidence and humour. In this section, Gary gives great examples of how to do this.

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