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Side Chickology: Why Men & Women Cheat (Audiobook) by Keith A. Battle Reviews:
Publisher’s Summary
One of the most common occurrences in our society today is acts of relationship unfaithfulness. The percentage of infidelity in committed relationships is staggering. Both men and women cheat, regardless of sexual gender preferences. But why?  Keith Battle gives the reasons why most couples break trust and commit various forms of betrayal. Ironically, something as painful as betrayal can be the very catalyst of catapulting a relationship from average to amazing. Keith has personally experienced this in his own marriage and has helped many others experience this antithetical blessing in disguise.  Side Chickology: Why Men & Women Cheat is filled with healing and humor simultaneously. It is both transparent and prescriptive. In this audiobook, you’ll discover: Why men and women choose to cheat. How children completely change the dynamics of a relationship. The secrets of the man cave. The conversations that lead to cheating. The enormous costs of infidelity. The road to recovery and rebuilding trust in the marriage. How to fall in love again. ©2019 Keith Andre Battle (P)2019 Keith Andre Battle
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