Helloo viewers, A woman’s body can be like a minefield. Touch her in the right place, and she’ll be moaning in pleasure. Here are 8 amazing Techniques to turn a Woman with touch.

1. Seduce With A Handshake.
The first was to seduce a woman you are interested in is to seductively shake her hand. The best opportunity for a handshake is when you first walk up to the woman, look her in the eyes, smile, and introduce yourself.
2. Be Likable Before Any More Physical Touch.
Other than being yourself the one way to impress a girl and be more likable is to be funny and have a sense of humor. Being able to be silly is an important step because after getting close to her, she’s more willing to get close to you and want to be involved with you.
3. Play With Her Stuff.
Another way to get a girl ready to get married by touch through seducing her is to play with her things. Simple things, like her earring in her ear or a bracelet on her wrist. Tell her she looks beautiful with the earrings and they compliment her eyes, ask her where she got that bracelet, and tell her it looks beautiful with her lovely outfit.
4. Hold the Woman’s Hand.

Let’s say you’re going on a peaceful walk with this lovely lady, maybe at the park or the beach, grab her hand. Girls like hand-holding, it’s an intimate act that provides security and romance. It’s another gentle gesture that women melt over. If you’ve been in the clear this long and she hasn’t pushed off you’re other attempts to touch, she allowing you to hold her hand is a big sign that she’s attracted to you.
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