T&T: In a nutshell what was the main inspiration for your project and/or the theme that is the heart of your series?

Band Ladies Team : Punk, humor, rage. Giving voice to women in their 40’s who are fed up and tired of being ignored and passed over or disregarded and are demanding space.

T&T:  Tell us a bit about the music? OR Does food play a big part ? Or answer both.

BLT:  Punk offers an outlet that is screaming tossing fits of emotion and anger at looking at your life and deciding to make a change, realizing you have the power to change your life.

Our Props Master Michelle Haid created so much amazing food for our shoot! So many cupcakes! But the music is the beating heart of Band Ladies for sure. The creators (Kate, Molly and Dana) wrote the songs with Christian Hansen, and they are now available wherever you stream music.