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WELCOME BACK to season 2 of Cryptonites, the no BS blockchain channel covering bitcoin 2019, cryptocurrency and everything around FinTech. We are BAAAACK with another timeless interview starring the lovely Crypto Sara / Altcoin Sara from Altcoin Buzz Ladies, a passionate Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ambassador and influencer on Twitter/ Youtube. Crypto Sara makes cryptocurrency easy to understand and teaches bitcoin 101 so that anyone can enjoy and learn without diving too deep into all the technicalities that tend to overwhelm most people. Crypto Sara / Altcoin Sara expresses some of her main concerns such as blockchain tribalism and fierce competition among crypto projects rather than collaboration and openness. Sara gives us 3 easy ways anyone can contribute to the crypto ecosystem and makes sure bitcoin can be understood by beginners. A super fun person to watch, listen to and follow!

01:10 My PASSION for Crypto
02:00 Useless fiat coins and waste when traveling
03:10 Invite people to come with you
04:00 Schools do NOT teach us about MONEY!
04:40 Explaining Crypto to a BABY!!
05:30 Giving away crypto the non-believers
06:20 Just download a digital wallet and TRY 🙂
07:30 Planting seeds by asking every store if they accept bitcoin
09:15 You put me on the SPOT!!
10:10 Twitter Wars & crypto armies
11:00 Are Maximalists like extremists in religions and politics?
13:04 Shouldn’t we ALL respect Bitcoin though?
13:40 Bitcoin is like Apple because…
14:30 Bitcoin has NO company, NO CEO and NO shareholders
15:10 God Bless you Satoshi Nakamoto!
16:00 Satoshi could be the very first TRILLIONAIRE
16:38 My favorite Bitcoin argument is…
18:00 A Smart contract
19:50 Cryptocurrency’s CRYPTONITE
22:20 100 dollar bills are worth 12.5 cents

So, grab your slippers, a warm cup of tea and be ready to get EDUTAINED every Wednesday night at 20:00 GST at a PC near you!!!

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