[https://www.pnas.org/content/115/6/E1108 or https://archive.ph/b3DdU “Females mated more with males who were outgoing, but not too aggressive. And males who cooperated well with other males may have been more successful hunters and scavengers.”] Greater female emancipation, influence & power has yielded tremendous macro scale benefits to the World, that might not be entirely obvious to everyone quite yet:

Firstly, feminism and female emancipation is the most potent tool and weapon we have at our disposal to fight against the grave threat of overpopulation.

Secondly, I believe that female emancipation and feminism are highly eugenic and pacifying.

This is just speculation on my part so far, but I suspect and my research has led me to believe, that with greater emancipation of women selection for intelligence rather than aggressiveness, etc. actually increases. This could be another explanation for the Flynn Effect; greater emancipation and protection of women, which enables them to select their mates by traits they prefer and like, like intelligence and agreeableness rather than aggressiveness and violence/anti-social behavior. So the less chauvinistic/“macho” a population or culture is the more likely it is to select for intelligence, lower testosterone, i.e., lower aggressiveness, higher dopamine and against the Low-activity MAOA “warrior gene,” i.e., psychopathy.

Women like men to make them laugh for example; I think this has an evolutionary reason, because it is an easy way for women to test/detect intelligence, and also it is beneficial for one’s health and well-being if one is less often stressed/afraid and more happy, which is not the case if one is married to a violent psychopath for example, whom one cannot divorce, etc. Read the article by Christopher Hitchens “Why Women Aren’t Funny” https://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2007/01/hitchens200701 for details on this topic; he, correctly in my opinion, states that women are on average not as funny as men, but that does not mean that they don’t have a sense of humor, i.e., they can, even better than men, recognize and appreciate humor, they just don’t use it themselves a lot.

Women seem to be far superior judges of intelligence than men.
This is interesting in itself. I never claim to be able to judge intelligence immediately, but women seem to do so at better than chance level.

The importance and power of humor as an easily testable proxy for identifying intelligence is not to be scoffed at. Giving women more say in the selection of their mate is likely highly eugenic for a population and culture.

Does Intelligence Predict Humour or does Humor predict Intelligence?
http://www.opencolleges.edu.au/informed/features/intelligence-humour-are-smart-people-funnier/ or https://archive.is/Nq3mS
“Forty years ago, scientists were already asking this question. Hauck and Thomas, testing eighty elementary-level students, found a very high correlation between humour and intelligence.

“Humour is not about comedy; it is about a fundamental cognitive function,” says Alastair Clarke, author of The Pattern Recognition Theory of Humour. Here’s where the pattern recognition theme comes in.

Clarke defines humour in terms of pattern recognition–our ability to understand relationships and impose order on competing stimuli. “An ability to recognise patterns instantly and unconsciously has proved a fundamental weapon in the cognitive arsenal of human beings.”

Recognising patterns enables us to quickly understand our environment and function effectively within it. Language, which is unique to humans, is based on patterns. And humour, conveniently enough, is based on language.”

My point is mostly, that we can, and, most importantly, probably should, voluntarily, evolve/adapt into and adopt more peaceful, caring, and maybe more humorous ways of competing for mates; instead of bashing each other’s heads in. This would probably also help to select for higher intelligence, instead of selecting for high testosterone/aggression and/or the low-activity MAOA “warrior gene” ( i.e. anti-social/psychopathic behavior), which would be very eugenic and generally terrific, in my opinion.

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