Truly a gem of a woman, Mariia can charm any man with a flick of her finger. A successful professional, a sensual woman with an exceptional sense of humor, and an intellectual person, Mariia is someone worth fighting for. She has traveled to the US in the past and is coming again to participate in our May Love Tour where you will have a perfect opportunity to steal her heart. Until then, hurry up and get to know her better.

MARIIA’S ID: 31239.

One thing that stands out about Mariia is her education. Having a teaching degree, a Bachelor’s in economics, and an MBA, it is not surprising that Mariia is keen to discuss with her man over coffee the way the world works. This youthful beauty far prefers documentaries and learning new things to sitting in front of a TV.

Her cheerful disposition is no less attractive and noticeable – she works her “smile magic” with ease and easily brightens the mood wherever she goes. A nature lover, she is full of compassion and love for the world, as you will find out from her life story and a touching account of childhood memories.

Above that, Mariia is a passionate, beautiful woman who is prepared to dazzle her man with sexy belly dance moves. She will fill your life with happiness and companionship. If you watch nothing else of our video interview – although you would be missing a lot – make sure to hear Mariia’s message for her man. It is sweet, charming, and unforgettable, like the woman herself.


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Phone: +1 (786) 220 34 90
Skype: Julia.oksanalove