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For Randall Gomez being a Latino comedian may come easy, as there are many stories he can tell about his life through the eyes of being Mexican Latino. His humor can be described as Mexican humor, since many of his jokes come from his life as being mexican latino. The great thing about Randall Gomez is he is able to allow the audience to visualize his stories even if they do not personally understand what it is like to be Mexican latino. Randall Gomez can tell jokes about anything and make them hilarious, which is obvious when he talks about, of all things, chanclas, or an old pair of flip flops. Randall Gomez allows the audience to feel sorry for him, as well as laugh out loud by his use of description, and stereotypes used to portray his latina mom and latin women in general. The beauty of Randall Gomez’ Mexican humor is that he does not need to make things up, as these are actual events that have happened in his life, and that makes his jokes that much more authentic. His punchlines hit you right in the rear just like his latina mom and other latin women would hit him with the devastating chanclas, or flip flops. For other latino comedians like Randall Gomez, please subscribe to StandUpBits!