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This is just something I wrote once bored on a boat once.

So what if your’e an O-2 and I’m an E-3?
Does that mean we can’t be involved romantically?
They say age is just a number, well rank is just a number too.
(with a letter in front of it)
It’s an ongoing problem, and a constant debate
does that really mean we can’t go up to the O-8
and steal a couple kisses where the cameras cannot see?
I’ve gotta’ salute you, but that makes me hot,
I like a woman in power, a woman on top.
(of the chain of command)
And I know Captain’s Mast may find me soon
but I’ve got the keys to a nice fan room
and we can –

Fraternize all night long,
how can something feel so right but be so wrong?
And, baby, you’re commissioned but I’m on a mission for love.
Listen close I sing my song,
Cause’ you know calling you “ma’am” just turns me on
and your friends may snicker but I don’t care if your sticker is blue.
I’m gonna love you.

With the waves as our witness, at night we roam creepin’
but it’s okay, baby, cause’ the deck watch is sleeping.
just close your eyes and I’ll take you to paradise.
If the boat is a rocking, don’t come a knocking,
cause’ darlin’ i ain’t even had my first frocking
But all rank aside, I’ve got plans for you and I.
Berthing is full, we’ll use your stateroom instead.
Cause you know I love it when you give me he– hugs.

Give me the rhythm and it’ll be off with your clothes
cause’ this is the only thing to do on this boat.
Beware here comes the UCMJ, and it’s bringin’ an article 134 our way.
We’ll use the motion of the ocean to lose some promotions
but it sure beats laying in the rack utilizing the lotion