Back again with one of our rawest episodes yet. In this episode we talk about the week 3 loss, riding bulls, best places to party/eat in New Orleans, embarrassing stories and much more. Buckel your seat belts because it’s going to be a wild ride!

0:17 – week 3 game review
4:07 – “hard” count
8:10 – places to party in Nola, Kyle questions his sexuality riding a bull
12:50 – precautions when visiting Nola, “bet I can tell you where you got your shoes”
13:25 – Kyle thinks he can professionally ride bulls
14:55 – dope places to eat late-night
17:14 – Ms Mariah enters
17:42 – for the love of God DO NOT PARK, Bourbon Popeye, cops on horses
21:25 – why Kyle loves Vegas
25:05- Chris’s embarrassing story
30:04 – sir, step away from the child
32:00 – Champs embarrassing story
35:28 – Kyle’s embarrassing story
41:25 – Spoonya’s embarrassing stories
44:50 – unwanted finger up the bum
46:29 – Brandon loves Billie Eilish
47:50 – Kyle hates younger women
49:05 – Jennifer Lawrence sucks
49:50 – Kyle’s ideal woman
51:20 – Social Media and joint Facebook accounts (sorry mom and dad)
56:10 – Stella said to wrap it up

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