This week Tom and Cecil discuss recent news about Nazi tactics, Catholic Archbishops, and ugly liberal women. Tom applies to become the Uganda Porn Detector, and the guys have Charone from the Podcast Habeas Humor on the show! You can find her work below.  The guys also appear on Poorly Summarized, this week. You can find that episode below:

Stories covered in episode: 

Porn detector to combat ‘lesbianism & defilement’ in Uganda Woman, 25, believed to be the victim of cannibals in South Africa who were arrested after one of them walked into a police station holding an arm and a leg and said he had lost the taste for human flesh Dave Daubenmire Launches Hurricane Relief Effort To Teach People To ‘Depend On God, Not On The Government’ Lance Wallnau: The Left Is Using ‘Nazi Tactics’ And ‘Basic Voodoo Hypnotism’ To Demonize Trump Wayne Allyn Root: All Liberal Women Are Ugly Catholic Archbishop: ‘I’d Rather Go to Prison Than Report Child Abuse to Police’ Other content: