In 1972, Nancy Larson embarked on a career at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, one a very few female physicists there. Over her 35 years working in the male-dominated field of neutron physics, she often found herself in awkward and/or amusing situations because of her gender.

OLLI at UNC Asheville members come to us from all corners of the globe. Over so many lifetimes, they’ve lived stories that are compelling and unique. They’ve witnessed history; they’ve made it, too.

An aim of our program, Gray Matters: Creating Connections, is finding the threads in those stories that engage our members with each other. Sharing these stories on OLLI’s YouTube channel allows us to connect with each other virtually now at a time when our in-person connections are so severely limited.

Our OLLI organization welcomes and celebrates diversity of all sorts, and our members reflect that through their stories and poetry. Some of these pieces may warm your heart; some may be thought-provoking; still others may challenge your belief systems. Through these shared experiences, we continue the rich tradition of lifelong learning so valuable to us all.

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