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Ok let’s talk about humor.

In this video, Bobby and Rob cover how to use humor to attract women.

In particular… you’ll learn how humor relates to subtext.

Something I’ve learned is that what you say has multiple level meanings.

The literal content of WHAT you say has one level of meaning, but underneath that level, there’s a SUBTEXT.

I’m sure you’ve had a sense of “subtext” as you’ve dealt with people in the past.

Subtext is VERY important.

The impression people get of you is based on this subtext of what you’re saying.

To give a quick example. If you joke around the topic of “dating disasters” and a girl starts telling you a story about a guy who was too needy on a date… or maybe conveyed too much interest way too early on… or something that obviously shows the guy wasn’t too socially savvy.

If you can make a joke about that or you laugh about that with the girl and have that private moment, that inside joke, about the fact that you both understand this.

The whole thing is that when you laugh at something… You sort of show an ownership of it, you show authority over it. You show that you know that it’s inappropriate.

And most guys don’t get that.

In this video, Bobby and Rob give you examples of how, and how NOT to use humor.

Because the subtext can make you look awesome… or it can make you look HORRIBLE

Most guys just go on dates and they don’t think about the subtext
of what they’re saying and they don’t pay attention to the subtext
their humor conveys.

Examples like…

– dead baby jokes
– self-deprecating humor
– making fun of guys who stalk women or get “clingy”

In the video, Bobby and Rob go through all of these.

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