Meet Radhika Vaz, a Stand-up Comedian, who made a career out of a Whacky Sense of Humour… and yes, won some awards along the way. She tickled our funny bone as she is indeed a strong woman of substance who spoke her mind at the risk of sounding ‘‘Unladylike’. She is:

•One of India’s pioneer stand-up comedians, especially renowned for
her edgy web-series ‘Shugs & Fats’
•Winner of the prestigious Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York
•Author of ‘Unladylike, A Memoir’ an empowering memoir.

We chatted with her about – Her love for Dogs, using humor as a voice for social issues. Trolling, and how she doesn’t care too much about them, Stand-up comedy as a career, how to write powerful comedy sketches, the changing face of Stand-up comedy, and Empowering others through humor. She gave some great tips to viewers seeking to advise on taking up Stand up as a career. I am sure anyone listening will benefit greatly from her suggestions. Mrs. Funnybones, though Unladylike, can do some serious talking.

Another Artist who has been on my show is RJ Karan Singh, who also is multitalented and enthralls audiences with his narration skills. Check out his episode here:

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