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This time we decided to switch to an unconventional topic for our channel – women’s football! Today we will prove to you that women are in no way inferior to men in terms of dedication and cruelty on the pitch! So get ready right off the bat: these are the top 5 conflict episodes from women’s football!

5. Alex Morgan

The main star of the USA national team, Alex Morgan, is known even among male fans! Thanks to her name, goals and trophies, she is rightly considered the symbol of American football among women! But there is one problem: Alex gets a lot of injuries, and you can easily find a bunch of videos with her injuries on the net.

Once Morgan got involved in a particularly unpleasant situation. Playing for the USA in the match against Trinidad and Tobago in 2015, she faced goalkeeper Kimika Forbes in the 17th minute of the meeting!

As the replay showed, both of them were damaged in that situation. Alex was punched in the face, and Kimika was punched in the stomach. Although it is strange that Morgan even decided to put her leg this way. This movement seemed completely optional, but extremely traumatic!

No one knows if it was a purely random tackle, but the moment, one way or another, looked very tough, even by the standards of men’s football!

4. Danielle van de Donk

3. Elizabeth Lambert

2. Jordyn Huitema

Well, well, well, who do we have next? Yes, this is Jordyn Huitema, a PSG and the Canadian national team player, as well as a companion of Bayern Munich defender Alphonso Davies! In 2020, a lot was said about this couple, because this is a truly unique case when both a guy and a girl play professional football together!

By the way, last season Davies and Huitema almost managed to become the first couple in history to win the Champions League in sync. Alphonso reached the final and won the tournament together with Bayern Munich, but Jordyn and PSG were still unlucky to be knocked out in the women’s semifinals …

But let’s get down to business! In 2017, a very young 16-year-old Canadian came on as a substitute at the end of the match against the USA and showed a resilience that we don’t always see even in a men’s games!

In the stoppage time, Canada tried to snatch the victory, and with one of the attacks of Huitema went into the tackle with the American Kelley O’Hara. It all ended with a failure. The rival won the duel and, in addition, punched her elbow in Jordyn’s face. Bottom line: a foul in favor for the USA and a broken eyebrow…

Nevertheless, despite the cut and bleeding, the Canadian footballer didn’t complain, although in men’s football we would probably see a bustling scene during which an injured player would writhe in pain and demand a penalty from the referee!

However, Huitema didn’t seem to feel the kick! She herself tried to stop the bleeding, but the referee still announced a pause in the match so that doctors would treat Jordyn’s wound.

All this time, the girl just smiled and probably considered this whole situation as comical and not worth such attention. The episode turned out to be really tough, but fortunately, Huitema got helped and reacted to the situation with humor. What a lovely girl!

1. Trampling on an opponent

So here it is: the first place! Now you will see a great example of how not to play under any circumstances! Former Portland Thorns midfielder McCall Zerboni was in the middle of a scandalous moment in one of the matches of the National Women’s Football League.

On June 19, 2015, Zerboni received a red card in the 69th minute of a match against Kansas City after stepping on a striker Shea Groom, who had previously fouled Portland’s Sinead Farrelli.

You’re focusing your sight on a foul now, right? Not worth it, it is better to look into the background and how Zerboni intentionally steps on the back of a lying opponent, deciding to avenge his teammate! She even made a small pause, as if preparing for a daring trick! And why is that? Why was McCall so emotional about the usual offense in midfield?

Worst of all, she stepped on the opponent right in front of the referee, but then she was surprised as if she didn’t even understand why she was removed! Zerboni framed her team right on-the-spot, left the pitch and finally swore on the edge of the field. Here’s how pure acting looks like!

Even though that evening Portland managed to escape the defeat thanks to the miraculous goal of its goalkeeper in the last minutes, McCall still received a punishment! The disciplinary committee of the National Women’s Football League has suspended her for one game.

As you can see, Zerboni acted meaningless and wanted to leave the scene unpunished, but the referee has spotted her deed! KARMA!

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