“A week into new year, the market value of the world’s cryptocurrencies surpassed 1 trillion dollars” 💸💸

It’s finally happening: Bitcoin is going mainstream. With major banks set to embrace cryptocurrency usage and an increasing number of the global population investing in digital assets, we take a look at what’s behind the crypto boom of 2021 and how this will affect our financial landscape. Today, Trudy from SiGMA TV is joined by regular AIBC contributor Gordon Einstein, Founding Partner of esteemed firm CryptoLaw Partners, to demystify the situation.

Why is everyone suddenly paying attention to Bitcoin in particular? What about those BTC owners that have famously locked themselves out of their crypto wallets and cannot access the millions worth of assets within – and what will happen if they eventually manage to access them? How does Bitcoin mining work, and is it still profitable? Watch now to find out:


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