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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Mr. Anonymous and here’s what he has to say: “Hey Sandman, I’ve been thinking about MGTOW and the ironies of it lately. I remember someone saying, which may have been you, that if we’re going MGTOW then why do we bring up women? This made me delve deeper into MGTOW and its philosophy. It’s philosophy is essentially breaking the matrix by understanding female nature to a point where a man does not want to associate with one or at least get married to one. Also MGTOW touches upon society and our roles as a male in the matrix that we (MGTOW) do not accept. The whole point of MGTOW is for men to go their own way, if that’s the case then why do we need affirmation of this all the time? Is it because when I get a dose of red pill of your daily content I do feel better, but my brain is trying to wire me to get a wife and have babies? Technically there shouldn’t be a community for people doing their own thing, ironically. I can’t give enough credit to MGTOW and red pill, I am not trying to knock it down at all, as I grew up with no father image in my life. But imagine a group whose tagline is “Doing Our Own Thing” group
everyone is doing their own thing. Maybe I’m digging too deep. Also I find that going to the MGTOW Sub-Reddit they are always bringing up how women are going to hit the wall by 30 and that they’ll regret their 20s from riding the rooster rollercoaster. Or that she left a good relationship for a bad boy and now regrets it. Although it is very hurtful to be left for someone else, why do we bring this up if we understand female nature? It seems like when there is a chance to bring up women’s crappy nature they are there to criticise it, it kind of turns me off. Not because I feel bad for females, not at all, but this shouldn’t really be a surprise anymore. It’s reaffirmation for a belief in my previous point. If men were truly going their own way, shouldn’t they not seek any guidance or groups and just, well do their own thing. Also there are women who were with their husbands/boyfriends but the husbands cheated on them and manipulated them as well and treated them like crap and maybe even beat them. I don’t really enjoy women playing the victim card, but I kind of feel that men on MGTOW just go after the worst bunch of women to compare to to have confirmation bias for their ideologies and beliefs. It’s kind of like Liberals comparing Nazi supporters who are Conservatives and Conservatives who compare Antifa supporters who are Liberal, there’s never a solution or any olive branch extended. People will always compare the worst of the other side to have confirmation for their belief if they look for it. Anyways I think I’m going crazy or maybe you could straighten my thinking, thanks again!” Well Mr. Anonymous looks to me like there are three distinct things you want me to talk about. I’ll discuss what those are in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today’s sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection: Anyways, now back to the clown world show. So Mr. anonymous you wanted me to bring up three things. Number one why we talk about women so much instead of just going our own way already. Number two why we talk about the wall so much and our desire to laugh at pathetic women. Thirdly that we seek out confirmation bias like everyone else out there. Firstly why do we bring up women all the time? I guess the better question to ask is why do alcoholics anonymous members bring up alcohol at all their meetings? The answer is that a woman’s cooch is a powerful drug and we talk about women and the bad things they do to help us from falling off the wagon and turning into simps again. You don’t hear people going to alcohlics anonymous meetings and asking the members about why they are talking about alcohol and shaming them.

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