If we can’t laugh we will cry. I’m choosing joy, let’s change the narrative.

If this account gets shut down for having a unifying message. Parler will be the priority when they have their servers back up. Latest report is they will be operational in 2 weeks. MustangMedic has a number of social media accounts online.


As a self-proclaimed journalist. I’m not going to stop pursuing the truth. We have to trust God, be peaceful and listen to each other, watch and Pray. My recommendation is Pray first.

I have always been sincere in all of the 7900+ videos proves it. I’m not going to change anything I said or hide it, I truly believe in my heart the truth is out there. So we need multiple sources to find the truth. Don’t trust me, trust what you investigate yourself.

I am pursuing actively Media Credentials, and I will be reporting where I’m needed.

Please share these videos, I believe they are important because of the current state of our country. It’s not about the views it’s about the message.

We are in #historic times.

I felt that I had to be here on January 6th and I haven’t left yet. I will leave when God tells me too. Although new at journalism, I’m here reporting from the ground in Washington, DC. So that’s what I’m going do until further notice.

If you see a value in my reporting please donate, financial support is needed to continue. MustangMedic, The peoples Journalist.

I walk by faith… not by sight.

I have a new undercover name. Tap on the link below for proof.

Our Troops have a message for President Trump at the Lincoln Memorial January 24, 2021 https://youtu.be/wVNxCZRy4hI

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