Hi friends, this talk is like food for the soul. Aligning to our brothers and in this case sisters who are aligned to LOVE and committed to seeing Light shine through all the different narratives.

Carrie-Anne Fields is a powerhouse lover of a woman who’s articulation of divine truths will life your spirits.

Alpa Soni is a gentle giant in the truth community using spiritual wisdom to shine light on all that’s sacred in these tender times.

Madonna English took the reins of this movement and didn’t look back. Her focus and energy towards all things abolishing corruption is done with humor, and energy that comes from her deep connection to God.

And me, well, I love LOVE and those who will take action for it, no matter what. It’s time we all step up and be the men and women we were designed to be, Children of God, free in our fathers Kingdom and safe on our Mothers grounds…#savethechildren #lightwins #thegreatawakening #darktolight #harrypotter