Do women like unnecessary compliments? Does persistence really pay off? What about facial hair? Today we will be talking about what women actually like in men. Stay tuned because some of them may really surprise you!

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Intro – 0:00
1. Funny men – 00:46
2. Spontaneous men – 01:22
3. Light beard – 01:52
4. Muscles but not too much – 02:28
5. Men who love dogs – 03:00
6. The George Clooney effect – :03:26
7. Persistent men – 03:53
8. Men who don’t compliment unnecessarily – 04:24
9. Thoughtful men – 04:54
10. Men with deep voice – 05:21
11. Men who wear a food deodorant – 05:54
12. Kind men – 06:19
13. Supportive men – 06:59
14. Chivalry is not dead – 07:29
15. Attentive men – 08:01


1. Funny Men
Let’s start off by talking about men who are funny. This one isn’t surprising. A sense of humor can help in getting a date which has been proven by science! Humor makes men look more attractive which makes them even more appealing and romantically interesting to women.

2. Spontaneous Men
Being spontaneous improves love life. Spontaneous women are considered to be fun and exciting. Same is the case with spontaneous men. This doesn’t mean spending every weekend in a new country or grand gestures that seem completely unrelated and out of the blue. Women like men who show their spontaneity in small things. This means doing something unexpected in your everyday life to make a woman feel special. This is because women also like to guess what’s going to happen next.

3. Light Beard
This is not a myth! Women tend to find men with light facial hair like a beard, very attractive. Without overdoing the beard trend, men are perceived as physically and socially dominant. This is another way of defining masculinity, whose roots can be traced back to our ancestors.

4. Muscle But Not Too Much
Have you been working out endlessly at the gym in order to impress the ladies? Movies and social media has everyone believing that women like men who are extremely bulky however, that’s not the case.

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