Helloo Viewers, Reasons Why She Doesn’t Want Relationships.
A girl can avoid relationships for various reasons. Some of them can be discussed and overcome, while others may be so serious that it will be extremely difficult to change something in communication with your sweetheart. If it seems to you that you are stuck in that “she doesn’t want a relationship but she likes me” situation, here are the reasons why the girl may not want a relationship.

# 1 She has recently broken up with a guy, and this parting was hard for her.
After a long time of sorting things out, she may want to have some me-time at least for a while until her soul wounds heal completely.

# 2 Negative family experience.
Her parents may have been arguing all the time or have even divorced. Or, for example, she was raised by a mother who was convinced that “all men are the same,” and it is better to stay away from them. This is a rather difficult category for girls.

# 3. She doesn’t like you enough.
You are her backup plan. She seems to communicate, flirt, give hope, but this superficial connection will not reach the relationship. As soon as another guy who she falls in love with appears, even the communication that existed between you will come to an end. #4. Avoiding physical intimacy.

If the person cannot look directly into your eyes, tries to hide the gaze when you talk to them or keeps distant when you sit together, it means they do not feel anything towards you. No spiritual bond, physical passion, trust, any special kind of magic that arises love and close relationship. Friends, We are happy to hear your feedback, let us know what you think, what you would add, and if there are any that you don’t agree with!

#5. They are not laughing at your jokes.

It is a great sign you are not interesting for a person if they normally are in good humor and do not lack the sense for quality jokes but stay silent if you say something amusing. It doesn’t matter whether it was you who actually said a bad joke, or they usually ignore everything you say even if it is really funny, the situation says they are tired of pretending you are excellent at humor.
#6. They do not include you in their plans for the future.

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