Sex Dolls are THE ultimate sex toys, especially sex dolls with big boobs!

This funny sex doll review explains and reviews sex dolls for men AND women.

Whether you’re interested in a Female or Male sex doll, this video has some great and highly detailed information on both.

A sex doll is basically a realistic life sized doll made of soft silicone or TPE (thermo plastic elastomer).

They have all the most important parts for a realistic sexual experience for masturbation.

These features include boobs, vaginas, buttholes AND mouths, all holes you CAN have sex with.

Female sex doll features and options include Different heads, Height and weight, skin Colors, Different boobs sizes, hollow boobs or solid, and you can choose between built in vaginas or removable vaginas.

Male sex dolls have penises, buttholes AND mouth holes all to have sex with.

This video shows mostly female sex dolls with big boobs and an average male sex doll.

If a sex doll is too expensive for you or you can’t have something that big hanging around in your place, the next best thing is a sex doll torso toy, a boob mouth vagina toy, or an automatic blow job machine.

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