The ladies are back with another episode of I Am Woman and honesty is at the core. Dionne Boldin joins Michi, Sharelle and Ashley this week as they talk about the vulnerabilities around plastic surgery and why women feel the need to lie about it instead of own it. Michi confesses something she recently went through and the others share their own experiences too.

The beauty of motherhood and how it comes at all different stages for women- Dionne and Sharelle share their journeys of being young moms and explain they were not necessarily ready for it at the time but looking back how it has made such a positive impact and change in them as people. Ashley adds her touch of humor saying none of her kids have been or will be planned as it’s too much to think about planning to raise another whole person while Michi says she was ready but not expecting it to be twins!

Carving self time and maintaining independence in their relationships is what helps sustain them as Michi asks the question of what’s the ladies would write in a letter to your younger self today. Chef Lowe is back and discussing a male’s perspective on Valentine’s Day.



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