Hey ya’ll Hope this finds you well. Often or not me and my friends we sit around and talk about the silly to scary things we have come across on line. Even more so we have people come to us telling us there horror stories of internet life. So Jeanette and I thought let’s start a series of internet safety/ fun stories/ life experience/ dating and so on. Yes a lot of it will be about online life as a fat women but a lot of it will also be relevant to all humans! Hope you enjoy!

1 . Observe and investigate before engaging
2. Give money to no one
3. Don’t let your guard down just because it’s a same sex person
4. If you meet up do it in a public place and take a friend or spouse
5. Always get facial and voice identification
6. Be vigilant keep your personal information safe
7. Demand respect


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Sending you all love! Remember to wear your mask, use your sanitizer and be thoughtful of others! Stay safe!

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