Almost 100 episodes ago, Binance.US CEO Catherine Coley was the first guest on the Wolf Of All Streets Podcast. Since her first appearance, the world was hit with Covid and the potential for an economic recession like no other, which accelerated the adoption of digital assets. Stepping into 2021, Binance.US has seen more trading volume in January than the entirety of 2020. Retail is coming, and in this episode, Coley opens up about the work being done behind the scenes to allow unprecedented amounts of fiat into the world of cryptocurrencies. According to Coley, Bitcoin’s 24/7 global accessibility and diverse functionality is its most advanced and novel aspect, driving the world to a financial revolution.

In this episode, Melker and Coley discuss a range of topics including:

Binance.US expanding to all 50 states
Bitcoin as a post-apocalyptic resource
Regulatory delays from Covid
Fast pace black swan events
An influx of Dogecoin traders
Pirate money
Stimulus checks and disposable income
Trade cost analysis
Women in crypto
TikTok traders
A new generation of traders
Tesla’s growing balance sheet
Wall Street Bets
Preparing for whales


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