Shtick! is a five-episode webinar series which investigates the connection of modern comedy, satire and religion through some of its most famous appearances in pop culture. This series will be hosted by Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner and chaired by Alissa Symon.

Episode 5: Concluding Remarks on Humour and Religion

Panel: Alissa Symon, Esther-Miriam Wagner and Ahmed Zaidi

Synopsis: In the final episode of the series, our panel will share some concluding thoughts on the series. Among other topics, they will discuss the following: What is the difference between satire which comes from within the religion and one which is from outside (or one which has a political orientation)? How can humour be used in interfaith work? And what tensions arise in the connection between humour and certain religious settings?

This webinar was recorded on 27/01/2021.