How Can I Have A Sense of Humor When My Husband Has No Sense of Humor?

If you are a Military Spouse, you should know that a call to your Husband’s Command can sometimes remedy your situation – particularly if you do it in the right way. I am certainly not suggesting that you call the Command each and every time you feel aggrieved or scorned by your spouse. I am suggesting, however, that in the most dire circumstances where you have been absolutely cut off by the service-member, that a call first to the Command Ombudsman or Representative can help. Failing that, a call to the Command’s Senior Enlisted Advisor may also encourage a “conversation” with your servicemember husband that “encourages” him to support his family.

This can be a tricky proposition – because you do not want to appear to be the scorned spouse who complains about everything. However, a measured response to an aggrieved action by your servicemember husband and a calculated call to the Command can be productive. Commands do not want to have to deal with these situations. They want to be focused on the mission – and the mission doesn’t involve making service-members pay their bills and give their families’ money for food.

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