Trending Thursday is all about stocks making news! Does the news make them worthy to buy? or are you just getting caught up in the Hype? The VectorVest software can easily put things into perspective and help you make better decisions in what to do!

Market Overview
The market had a little brief pullback but still seems to have some bullish overtones. What is moving the market you ask? How about the stimulus, low-interest rates, and extended unemployment benefits. Inflation may or may not be a part of the picture. Let us guide you through the waters of this market! VVC, SPY

Newer tiers of individuals are being invited to partake of the vaccine! More people vaccinated means we are closer to coming back to some semblance of normalcy. Which of these vaccines seem the be the best play? PFE, MRNA, JNJ, AZN

What is an NFT and why is it so hot right now? Non Fungible Tokens may play a big upcoming role in the world of Crypto. Let’s talk about what they are and let’s explore ETF’s to play the whole crypto space with less risk exposure! TKAT, SINO, ZKIN, (ETF watchlist)

Clean Energy EV
Wow, this space has slowed down just a bit. There are still companies making noise and rattling their cages. More future commitment to EV’s should keep this industry-relevant for quite some time. Which companies look best to get into? TSLA, VWAGY, NIO

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