Usually we always think that a Man should chase us women instead of a woman chasing a Man. Well in today’s topic, I’m going to make it an opposite. How to get a woman interested in you as a Man ? Let’s go guys let’s talk about it.

Hello gorgeous people it’s me again, jean welcome back to my channel and if you’re new here, you might want to consider subscribing and smash the notification bell for more videos. So anyway, please stay with me until the end of this Video to find out what are the tips I have for you. Let’s begin:

Tip 1. Sense of humor: a Man shouldn’t have to be a good looking Man for a woman to chase them. If you have a great sense of humor usually women fall for it. We like a Man to make us laugh. And I think if a Man has a great sense of humor even if they’re not that good looking Of a Man, for most women it makes them look very attractive.

Tip 2. Strategy : it’s quite attractive to women to see a Man with strategy because we know that we can depend on them when there is something that needs to be solved in any kind of situation. Kailangan mahusay sa mga para paraan.

Tip 3. Gentlemen : of course most women loves to see a Man being a gentleman. What I mean by that is knowing how to respect a woman. opening up a car door, holding the chair for the lady to make sure that she’s safe.

Tip 4. Caring : us women attracted to a Man who’s very caring with even a little gesture of making sure that she’s ok even through text. Make sure if she made it home ok stuff like that or asking if she already had her dinner. Little things like that.

Tip 5. Make Her Feel Special : Even if you’re married or specially still courting a woman, you have to make a woman feel special by saying, you’re always on my mind. Buying her a dozen of flowers and box of chocolates stuff like that. Or otherwise, compliment her by saying how pretty she really is. You’ll see if she would consider you someday or not.

Tip 6: Asking Questions: Guys, if you ask questions to someone you want to get involved with, you have to ask questions about her, about her family. Show her that you are interested in her. You have to show her that you really want to get to know her. Lastly, you have to really make an effort to get her to like you back.

Let’s do another Recap :
1. Having a sense of humor.
2. Strategy or madiskarte sa buhay.
3. Being a Gentleman
4. Caring or maalaga
5. Make her Feel Special
6. Ask some questions about her.
7. More Effort

Well those are my 7 Tips for you guys in this video. I hope I was able to help out a little bit. Please leave a comment down below. If you like more of this kind of topic, please consider subscribing, give me a thumbs up and smash the notification bell for more up coming videos. Thank you for watching. Have an awesome day guys, good bye.