Women are deemed to be more complicated than men. They have different schools of thought that men just can’t understand. If you search online, there are hundreds of articles about what women want most. Women wish they didn’t have to tell us what’s important to them and what’s not. Without gender bias, women do know what they want most in both long-term and short-term relationships.

A survey was conducted with over 60,000+ heterosexual and homosexual women respondents. It discussed the pulse of each opinion from the different genders. There are traits that they want to see and experience in their significant others like protectiveness and intelligence. Studies also show that women are more inclined with qualities that are found inside than outside appearance.

Remember: that each person is different. This list may serve as a foundation for you to build upon. It will always take time, effort, and confidence to fully meet the women’s needs in your life. Each ranked by probability from a least common trait that women want most to most common. What are traits that you think you already have?

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