CardanoKidz project update by CardanoBuzz.

Notice: All views are my own personal views and NOT those of the artists and developers working on the Kidz project.


1. Introduction
2. Quick review of all designs
3. Cardano Kidz on twitter
4. Test NFT – March 2021
5. IPFS & Cardano explorer links
6. CNFT.IO (Cardano NFT Platform)
7. NFT minting numbers & price speculation
8. Getting in touch & thanks


Cardano Kidz. The first NFTs to pre-sell on Cardano for $ADA and the first commercially produced NFT (test) tokens sent automatically to buyers.

Some of the VERY first NFTs on Cardano. All limited in numbers.

Please consider delegating to BUZZ pool for a chance to win Kidz and other NFTs!!!

Much love, BUZZ!

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