Humor, Love, Ladies and Child Characters in Novel Art.

by: Tekin Sönmez

Dear Ladies, Gentlemen …

There is a correction in the previous video.

Mass events took place in Erzurum in 1907.

Saklı Pasha, the character of the novel “Gelincik Günler Bull Mountains”, was interested in European History.

He was interested not only in War History but also in Art History.

Painter Hieronymus Bosch (1450 – 1516) paintings impressed him very much.

I told you before. I repeat: Saklı Pasha came to Istanbul in 1808 as part of the Alemdar Mustafa Pasha Military Unit.

Became II Mahmut Sultan.

Meanwhile, his commander Alemdar Mustafa Pasha was killed.

Thereupon, Saklı Pasha returned to Europe.

He participated in the Napoleonic Wars.

Saklı Pasha worked here like a detective, like a police inspector.

He had knowledge on this subject.

He came to Istanbul after the Napoleonic Wars.

Sultan II Mahmut assigned him to Erzurum as a Police Inspector.

There he watched the Ottoman – Russian War (1828).

There are female characters in the novel “Poppy Days Bull Mountains”.

Nine is Saklı Pasha’s Grandmother.

In the last part of the novel, there is yet another Great Mother.

There is also the character of Gül Hanım.

These three female characters are dependent on Anatolian human resources.

There are also child characters.

I will also explain these in another video. Love is sincerity.

Tekin Sönmez.

Today is 5 April 2021 Stockholm.